1.Pre-arrival information: With the adopted measures in the establishment, definition and explanations of the use of the services.

2. New signaling system: We will inform you about the new uses and measures to maintain the new spaces configuration.

3. Protection Screens: There are protection screens to avoid a direct physical contact in high attendance areas as reception or dining room.

4. New capacity configuration: We will prepare the spaces for the social distancing indicated by the health authorities. Capacities have been reduced in common areas.

5. Buffet evolution: The buffet is adapted to the assisted form, always guaranteeing the food handling by our staff.

6.Hygiene guarantee: Disinfection and cleaning protocols are introduced to implement the usual canons of the quality standards.


7. New cleaning equipments: We’ve established cleaning protocols specially designed for the guest safety.

8.Special prevention plan: We have developed a prevention plan of the conditioning and hot water production.

9.Training and protection: Individual protection equipment (EPI) and training courses specific anti Covid. Hygiene and food healh rules training before the opening,for all the employers and update them.

10. Lingerie: There is a washing and collecting clothes protocol during the stay and the guest departure,avoiding the crossed contamination.

On the guest departure,in addition to proceding to the total change of bedding,we will change quadrant covers,pillowcases and mattress covers and protectors.

11.Room cleaning: During the stay, the guest will be able to decide if needs the cleaning service. If you need it, we always do it when the room is empty following the established protocols.

The elements of intensive use as a knobs, air conditioning control will be specially disinfected.

The remote control Tv will be inside a plastic box.

The bins in the room disappear. The guest will find a bin only in the bathroom, with a non-manually button and double bag.

12.Dispensers: Hydroalcoholic hand solution dispensers are incorporated in the common areas.

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